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Family of Eight Sleeping on the Floor – Mattress Online supports The Sleep Charity

Online Retailer partners with award-winning charity as the two work together to empower the nation to sleep better.

At the heart of the community, Mattress Online are passionate about helping people in the UK get the sleep they need and their continuing partnership with The Sleep Charity is a natural part of this.

For many years the company has been a corporate partner of The Sleep Charity providing vital funds for their services and now their relationship has evolved into a full initiative offering warehousing, inventory assistance, delivery logistics and physical deliveries.

The Sleep Charity are one of the leading independent expert voices on sleep issues in the UK and are there to help everyone get a better night’s sleep. Whether it’s advice, education or support for children, teenagers, adults, workplaces or professionals, they are on hand with expert knowledge, resources and accredited training.

It is estimated that 40% of the population suffer with sleep issues and many do not get the support that they need – and for some this isn’t as straightforward as simply tossing and turning at night. As part of their work together, Mattress Online and The Sleep Charity came across and helped a family of eight who were all sleeping on the floor without a single bed between them.

Lisa Artis, deputy CEO at The Sleep Charity, said:

“Our Sleep Poverty campaign was born from seeing more and more people in South Yorkshire living in poverty and lacking the basic resources they needed to sleep well at night.

“It is heart-breaking to see people sleeping on the floor, children sharing a bed and those without a duvet for warmth or curtains at the window. Sleep is a right not a privilege, and it was important for us to address this need and we are already having an impact in South Yorkshire which we hope to expand nationally as other charities and organisations get involved.

“We couldn’t have done this without the support of Mattress Online, who have generously supplied warehouse space and delivery time in order to help those living in crisis.”

Hypnos, Silentnight, and DeepSleep Beds are amongst the other businesses making donations. Amounts vary and haven’t been published. 

Steve Adams, CEO at Mattress Online, said:

“As an industry, we have to work collaboratively to make change happen, being able to provide this vital support is an opportunity for us help make that change locally to reduce bed poverty in South Yorkshire – I’d encourage our industry peers to get involved where they can.

Everyone at Mattress Online is fully behind our charitable endeavours, it’s not easy to see someone less fortunate than yourself, especially children, but the whole team take great pride in playing their part to support The Sleep Charity and its recipients”.

Mattress Online are also a corporate partner of Zarach, a charity that delivers beds and basics to children in poverty, through fundraising, warehousing, deliveries and inventory services and they help Cherrytree Support, a service that provides homes for 16–21-year-old homeless people in Sheffield, by donating mattresses.