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Sheffield Cancer Charity Gets Into Bed With Leading Mattress Retailer For Innovative Partnership

Sheffield based cancer support charity Cavendish Cancer Care has linked up with South Yorkshire based e-Commerce mattress and bed retailer Mattress Online, the largest independent mattress retailer in the UK, to form an innovative wellness partnership.

The charity, which has been delivering cancer support including complementary therapies and counselling to people affected by cancer since 1991, will be supporting Mattress Online through its Cavendish Wellness brand. This includes delivering wellbeing sessions, including highlighting cancer awareness, with staff and collaborating on online advice content and guest blog posts for customers on a host of sleep related topics.

Chloe Angus, Corporate Wellbeing Manager at Cavendish Cancer Care, said;

“A cancer charity and a mattress retailer might seem an odd combination however this is an innovative and exciting partnership for us. Key to our work is helping people to live a healthy lifestyle by considering things like their sleep, nutrition and mental health. We’re looking forward to working with the team and helping them in their mission to become experts in getting a good night’s sleep.”

Steve Adams, Chief Executive Officer at Mattress Online, said

“We’re thrilled to be working with Cavendish, from collaborating on relevant blog content connected to health to partnering with our team to deliver wellbeing sessions and contributing to fundraising.”

“Knowing that our work with them is adding value to what they do for their patients and families, by funding therapy hours, makes it so worthwhile. At the outset it was clear that as organisations we have aligned values, it’s a great match.”

Cavendish Wellness works with corporate clients to focus on improving wellbeing for employees. Using the expertise from within Cavendish Cancer Care, the team provide training sessions, online platforms, focus talks, mental health first aider training and bespoke wellbeing services. Proceeds from Cavendish Wellbeing support the wider work of Cavendish Cancer Care to deliver complementary therapies and counselling to people affected by cancer in the South Yorkshire and North Derbyshire region.